Engagement Party- Emotion Practice

Engagement Party- Inspired by my need to practice emotional scenes and dialogue.

“May I dance with the almost-bride?” Tony asked Stephanie. She smiled politely, scooped up the rich fabric of her dress and took to the floor. They looked very elegant together, the tall dark haired man swirling his best friend’s slim, auburn haired fiancée around the room.

“Would you like to?” Eve looked in surprise to Gabrielle as he offered her his hand. It took a few moments to realise he really was asking her to dance. Her heart leapt at the chance. She placed her hand lightly in his and he wrapped his fingers around them. His hand rested politely on her waist, his other raising their hands up a little to the side. They swayed gently, formally. Eve could barely breathe, she wanted this moment to last forever, just this small touch together would have been enough to last a lifetime.

“You are very lucky.” Eve voiced quietly as she glanced to Stephanie. He heard easily and simply nodded. The train of Eve’s long, blue satin dress followed gracefully behind her feeling like a glamorous shadow.

“I feel lucky.” He said after a while avoiding eye contact, his mouth tightened into a straight line. Eve glanced over his focused expression before looking away. He gave her nothing, no hint of emotion, not even a smile. The dance she had known was just a polite gesture, but she hoped with all her being that it had been for another reason. Was it truly over? How could it not be? Eve wanted to laugh at herself for thinking there was anything left in him.

The fast tempo of the music came to an end and she felt Gabrielle pull away slightly. They both glanced to Tony and Stephanie as the slow song began, they were still dancing. Eve looked up to Gabrielle who was frowning before once again taking Eve in a formal hold.

The slow song had inspired couples to embrace whilst moving. It made Eve and Gabrielle stand out like a sore thumb as they danced far apart. She bit her lip trying to hold back a sudden barrage of tears that threatened to spill. Her heart was quietly and painfully being twisted with every beat of the song and every distant step they took. But the pain stopped suddenly as Gabrielle’s arm slipped further around her waist pulling her close. Their body’s pressed against each other and she couldn’t tell if the fast heartbeat belonged to him or her.

Eve was wide eyed and holding her breath as Gabrielle’s cheek rested against the hair at the side of her face.

Their dancing had slowed to a very slow sway. “I will always love you.” Gabrielle whispered, barely audible as though it pained him to speak it. Eve caught a ragged sob in her throat. The first tear spilled down her cheek, leaving a cool trail over her hot skin. His fingers spread over her back bringing her even closer against him. She responded by grasping his shirt tightly not sure she could ever let go.

“Don’t marry her.” Eve said without realising. She could feel his body shake slightly with a hollow laugh.

“I have to.” He replied his face pushing more into her hair, his breath on her neck making her shiver.


“For you.” He paused. “I am not good for you. You deserve more.” The music came to an end and couples separated to clap at the orchestra. Eve and Gabrielle stayed together, still swaying to their own rhythm.

“Gabrielle?” Stephanie’s unwelcome, nasal toned voice made Gabrielle pull away. Eve couldn’t breathe having him pull away from her. She stared at him in disbelief, unsure of his words.

“Yes, my love?” He asked to his soon-to-be bride and Eve’s knees almost buckled at his sweet tone.

“Excuse me.” She blurted and took off at hurry from the people flooded room.