The Fountain

Photo by Vermin Inc - Flickr

Photo by Vermin Inc – Flickr

The Fountain- Descriptive piece inspired by, ‘One Buck Splash’ photo by Vermin Inc

Claudia leaned over the small, marble fountain. It was an unobtrusive structure in front of the more impressive architecture of the museum. Inside the building were magnificent sculptures and art from forgotten Roman times. The trickling fountain that Claudia stared at seemed to act almost as a taster for what marvels lay inside. Still, as small as it was, it fascinated Claudia the most. It’s polished surface, smooth and clean. The marble shone in the midday sun, small veins of black threading their way through the stone as though it were a living thing.

A collection of fish had been carved into the top. Claudia had no idea about fish but it looked as though the creatures could actually be real species. From their pursed mouths sprouted trickles of clear water. The liquid spluttered from their open mouths and then fell into a holding bowl beneath, the drops making small splashes before merging with the body of water below.

The bowl was not very ornate and only simple ridges had been carved into the surface at even points creating stripes within the marble. Claudia smiled as she tried to count the number of copper coins that lay on the bottom, their images wavering below the surface of the water. Some were shiny and glinted in the sun as it hit them, others were dull and slightly green making it almost seem as though seaweed had grown in the small, fresh water pool. But each coin was a wish or hope that had been thrown into the pool to be forever immortalised in the silence of the water.

Claudia reached into the pocket of her linen jacket and gripped a two pence coin in her fingers. It was warm from the heat of her body and the surprisingly hot temperature of the spring day. She didn’t believe in superstition or magic but something about the fountain with its inviting cool water and the way it glittered in the light made her give into a moments temptation.

Closing her eyes she let a million thoughts and wishes flood her mind until one stood proud. With another smile she flicked the coin into the air and heard it hit the water with a satisfying, ‘plop‘. She then pulled on her wide brimmed, white sun hat with a polka dot ribbon tied around it. A small sense of satisfaction and childish delight meant her smile lingered as she entered the shady respite of the museum to stare at the rather more educational items within.