Daffodils- Description Practice

Photo by Twisted Pixel on Flickr

Photo by Twisted Pixel on Flickr

Daffodils- Inspired by a vase of daffodils. Photo by Twisted Pixel on Flickr.

The bunch of flowers stood proudly, sprouting from the jug like a spray of cheerful sunshine. Six, diamond-shaped petals spread around the trumpet middle, their surface shimmering in the light giving the impression they had been cut from pale yellow silk. Pushing my nose into the frill-edged, protruding centre, the sweet, tangy scent of honey tickled my nostrils and the pollen stained my nose like specks of gold dust. Strong, straight stems of pale green hold the large heads of the daffodils, each one its own sun, adding a much needed burst of cheer against the dreary, grey world of winter that hung outside.


Tropical Encounter- Descriptive Short

‘Tropical Encounter’ Descriptive short- Inspired by a writing prompt on Twitter

It was difficult to breathe in the heavy, damp atmosphere of the rainforest. Michael slumped to the ground and rested against the rough bark of an obviously very ancient tree. Its roots twisted and clawed into the leaf covered ground. He sipped a small drop of cooling water from his flask and tried to inhale a few breathes, only to find them clogging in his lungs.

A ‘jaunt’ through the tropical trees of his home had been a little more difficult than Michael had planned, though it was a much more beautiful setting to jog through than the concrete jungle of his old city neighbourhood. Michael narrowed his eyes as the large, thick glossy green leaf before him as it suddenly began to move. He held his breath and felt himself stiffen knowing the kinds of creatures that prowled this region. Onto the leaf’s flat surface crawled a small lizard and Michael laughed out his nerves. The creature stared at Michael as though assessing the threat level and then just blinked its large black eyes at him. Its scaly skin was a bright almost fluorescent shade of lime green blended in with citrus lemon. Above its round eyes was a blob of neon blue like it was wearing a dash of eye shadow.

Michael continued to watch the reptile as he tried to regain his breath. It cared little for his presence and continued to make dashing, flitting movements over the leaf. For such a long animal it could move very fast, its sucker like feet seeming to let it cling onto the very shiny surface of the leaf. With one last beady look to Michael it crawled off into the thicker foliage, its fruit coloured skin blending surprisingly well into its surroundings.

With a smile on his face, Michael pushed himself from the ground and continued his jog. It was a tropical encounter he realised he would have to get used to in his new home.


Photo by Twisted Pixel - Flickr

Photo by Twisted Pixel – Flickr

Underwater- Inspired by ‘Aquarium Floor’ Photo by Twisted Pixel

Katie watched the sunlight dance on the bottom of the pool; bright rays dispersed into a web of light that shimmered on the white tiles. With her head above the water she could hear many things: the sound of dogs barking, her sister shouting into her mobile phone, traffic roaring from the road behind their house. No wonder she was never able to just relax.

With a flick of her feet and a twist of her slim body, Katie pushed herself beneath the water. It was instant relief. There was nothing below the crystal water line, no sounds to attack her senses or pollution to clog her lungs. Beneath the water it was silent and still.

Katie closed her eyes, her cheeks puffed out to contain as much of her breath as she could manage. In the darkness she let the water caress her head, making her mousey brown hair float and fan out behind her. She could feel the water pressing against her, the silence it caused as her ears drums closed off. But it was a peaceful heaviness when the water pushed against her. A feeling of safety and coolness that took her away from the harsh, hot world of reality above.

Down here, in the true quiet, she could really let go. Her mind wandered to happy memories spent as a child learning to swim. Katie had always loved the water, even if she was not a strong swimmer. She much preferred just being held by the water, listening to the nothingness it provided.

As her lungs began to protest at the lack of oxygen, Katie finally surfaced. Opening her eyes she squinted against the harsh light that once again hit them. Instantly the noise returned: traffic, voices, barking.


“Are you going to stay in there all day?” Katie’s sister moaned as she rolled her eyes and headed into the house. “It’s like you prefer being alone!” Her tone implying that was the worst possible thing in the world.

Katie smiled to herself. She took a breath, closed her eyes and once again returned to the watery serenity.