Featured Fiction Prompted Piece


Another prompted piece for Featured Fiction. It was really fun to write something different, not sure how well I did on it though!

The prompts I used were:

Sentence starter: ‘It would not do any good to call for help’

Genre: Horror

Theme: Someone is following you but no one believes you. You decide to take matters into your own hands.

Poetic form: Cascade

Now, I am not a poet… At all! But I tried to include this in this piece, to give myself a go at something different.

Though if you do like poetry, I recommend checking out Callum McLaughlin, who has an incredible talent.

“I’m sorry, miss.” The police officer let out a badly disguised sigh of frustration. “But there is just nothing to support your claims.”

“I’m being followed,” I screamed, my frustration straining the tone of my voice and showing through the heavy, dark bags under my eyes and wild mess of hair that had not been brushed in days. “I hear them, I see them. You have to help me!”

The policeman raised an eyebrow. “Look, miss, maybe if you just calm-”

“Calm?” I let out a strangled laugh, all eyes in the room turning to me and making me realise I probably did actually look crazy. “How can I be calm with them always there?” This question I whispered, leaning over the wide desk closer to him. His tightened lips and tenseness made it obvious he thought I might turn violent.

It would not do any good to call for help, when no one would believe me anyway. This much was apparent from the glinting gazes of the men in the precinct; they found my torment amusing, not concerning.

“Miss, come back!” the policeman yelled as I shoved open the door and walked outside. A few passing people eyed me warily, tugged their purses closer to themselves and scurried past.

The night air was cooling on my heated skin and I closed my eyes to take in a clearing breath.

That’s when I heard them again.

“No one can see,

No one will believe,

You can’t be freed,”

My eyes flashed open and I thought my heart had stopped. It wasn’t voices in my head. It wasn’t! It was real, I could hear them. The flashing, tiny shadows that flitted about in the corner of my vision, never truly there but definitely real.

My feet sprinted down the pavement before my mind could catch up. I passed the open bars at speed, the calm people within sipping their expensive wine and not aware of how grateful they should be for their sanity.

It didn’t matter how fast I ran, I could still hear them. Their taunting, echoing little voices scratching at my mind.

“No one can see,

No one will believe,

No one can see,”

“Leave me alone!” Again I screamed, and dropped to my knees, the concrete path scratching against my skin. I didn’t care about the pain, I only cared about being alone, being free of them and their ever-watching eyes; like gems glinting in the dark at me, their faces hidden in shadow.

“You can’t be freed,

Forever ours,

No one will believe,”

I sobbed loudly, having the whole pavement to myself as people crossed the road to avoid my hunched, crying figure. It hadn’t always been like this, I had been sane only a week ago. Then that damn book had come into the antique store. How was I to know cracking open the pages would also crack my mind?

A dark, tiny figure flashed past my vision, but I was too exhausted to care any longer. I lay down on the path, breathing heavily and pulling my knees to my chest. Their pin-like fingers knotted through my hair as I could feel them surround me. Squeezing my eyes shut I tried to ignore the feeling of the coldness they brought with them.

Their darkness consumed me.

I was lost.

“You’ll be ours,

Forever bound,

You can’t be freed.”


7 thoughts on “Featured Fiction Prompted Piece

  1. The atmosphere in this piece is fantastic and I love how you managed to incorporate poetry into your prose so seamlessly. Such brilliant work.

    Thank you so much for the mention as well. Your support and encouragement is wonderful 🙂

    • Harliqueen says:

      Thank you for the kind words! I am a terrible poet 😀 But I like to give new things a go every now and then, that’s part of being a writer, right?

      But you really are a very talented poet, everyone should know about you 🙂

      • I think you’re better than you give yourself credit for! 🙂 The only reason I started to write and post poetry was because I wanted to improve so to get your lovely feedback is wonderful 🙂

  2. Thrilling, simply thrilling. Talk about an over-achiever (in a good way), you incorporated just about all of the prompts and you did it beautifully. Bravo. I loved the imagery you created and could feel goose bumps springing up along my skin as I read it, especially at the end.
    Thanks for your contribution.

  3. […] out this contribution from Mishka Jenkins. It’s a thrilling […]

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