Featured Fiction Prompt

This piece is a short piece inspired by the prompts at Featured Fiction.

Hope you enjoy it 🙂


I’d signed up for this, hadn’t I?

It was my choice after all, I mean, I only have myself to blame if I was starting to regret my decision.

There was a soothing light as I blinked my eyes open, my vision quickly clearing to take in the vivid hues of lime greens, citrus yellows, and hot pinks. The ground beneath me was spongy and damp, a carpet of moss spreading out to meet the circular walls that surrounded me. I slowly managed to haul myself from the ground and stand, rather uneasily.

Even though the curved walls were bare and grey, the colour and life that illuminated the room made everything feel spectacular. A smooth boulder sat in the centre of the room, wild flowers and grass creeping up the edges and softening the blankness of its surface. I flinched as a pure white butterfly glided across my vision, its feather-light wings sparkling in the light that filtered down from above. At first, I thought there must have been no roof to this place, yet looking upwards I could see that although there was a solid ceiling, from it hung a large chandelier made of what looked like crystal, beams of rainbow tinted light streaming down from within it. It was bright and welcome as there were no windows to let in light otherwise.

Life, colour and beauty dominated this small, circular room, but I could not help but shiver. I knew the real reason behind this place and all the brightness in the world could not mask its vicious intent.

The small wooden door had been left ajar right before me. I didn’t move to it, I only stared. Shadow seeped from behind that door, threatening to tug me into it. I knew what awaited in that darkness and the bright beauty of this place would never be enough to make me forget. I flinched as the door opened, no creaking or noise. Just a silent, dark opening, like the vacuum of a black hole.

There was no turning back now. This had been my choice. I had to live with the consequence.


11 thoughts on “Featured Fiction Prompt

  1. Fabulous! Some great descriptions here, Mishka – I was transported. You used the prompt very well, and you left me hungry for more. I want to go through that door – there’s no turning back for me either! Thanks so much for taking part.

    • Harliqueen says:

      Thanks, glad you liked it 🙂

      I was really trying to go for something different here, it’s really good to practice other things 😀

      • It’s brilliant practice. I love taking part in prompts – it really stretches me and it’s good fun too 🙂 thanks again for your contribution. I really appreciate your input.

  2. Aileen says:

    Love this, Mishka! Scary to think what lies beyond and what you signed up for, I suspect there will be no happy ending!

  3. Aether says:

    Good to see you doing short stories again! You hit the subject right on the nose, yet left enough open to interpretation to really make me want to see more. Good work.

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  5. Great piece! Such wonderful descriptions. I really enjoyed this 🙂

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