New Year, New Journal

New Year, New Journal- Short Story inspired by the New Year! Hope 2014 is a good one for everyone.

The journal was indeed beautiful. Sally turned the book around in her hands feeling the luxuriously soft brown leather. It was weighty and felt expensive. The journal had been Sally’s indulgent Christmas present to herself. Excitedly she pulled open the cover and stared at the cream paper of the first page.

A blank page would normally cause intense panic to some writers, but for some reason empty journal pages held only promise and hope for Sally. The paper in this journal was to be filled with her life stories some which would be full of drama and others which would be merely humorous anecdotes. At least, that was how Sally intended her life to be. Apparently owning a journal meant her life would now take on a rom-com kind of quality.

Sally picked up her fountain pen and held the end to her lips in thought. Her first line had to be intelligent, witty and in the style she meant to go on. She planned to fill the entire book after all. Though in the back of her mind she knew that by March the beautiful, leather bound journal would probably be nothing more than an unused ornament that decorated her bedside table; at that moment, on New Year’s day, her good intentions overwhelmed her and she had plans of writing everyday.

Sally looked to the blank page, nibbling the end of her pen and smiled. She knew exactly how to start. So, putting pen to paper she began to write, began her good intentioned, life changing journal.

‘Dear Diary…’


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