Sibling Thieves

Sibling Thieves- Inspired by another character’s tale in my slowly developing world.

“Your eyes, they sparkle like sapphires lost at the bottom of the sea.” This compliment got the expected response as Liam’s target flushed a bright red and fluttered her eyelashes at him. His thin smile widened to match his thin eyes in a smouldering gaze. “Your husband is a lucky man.”

“He doesn’t seem to think so.” She replied with pouted lips. Liam gave her the appropriate sympathetic frown and sidled up closer to her.

“Then he’s a fool. A lucky fool, none the less.” She giggled at Liam and he pushed a strand of her frizzy grey hair behind her ear. As the woman’s attentions fell completely to the man half her age giving her such compliments, she forgot all about her market stall. The kiosk was filled to the brim with all kinds of luxury goods. Jewel embellished necklaces glimmered in the midday sun, thick cuff bracelets made of every kind of metal shone like a treasure trove and hoop earrings dangled and chimed in the slight breeze.

Liam didn’t notice the jewellery, that wasn’t his task. Instead he continued to pull the stall holder’s gaze towards his handsome features and the lithe body that leaned flirtatiously closer to her. It was his sister’s mission to take note of the treasures that lay on the table of the stall. With deft hands she slipped a collar of gold and emeralds into the hessian pouch attached to her belt. Next went some of the hoop earrings, the sound of their tinkling muffled by the material. Lillian was well practiced in her duty. She knew just how much of the goods to steal before it became obvious that anything had been taken.

Lillian glanced up to Liam who was fully enjoying having the old, stall holder’s attention. She rolled her eyes at her brother’s ease of flirting, especially as the woman’s body shook with giggles. When Lillian had swiped every smaller piece of jewellery from the stall she pulled the pouch firmly closed and made to turn away from the stall. It would have been easy to get lost within the crowds that streamed down the long aisle of the market place.

That was until her eyes caught a glimmer so bright it took her breath away. In the rays of the sun, almost as though spotlighted, sat a pearl necklace of such opulence and such shimmer it rivalled the beauty of even the Goddess herself.

Lillian couldn’t tear her gaze away. Pearls were her favourite gem and laying before her was the treasure of all treasures. For a moment she looked to her brother. Liam’s panicked expression towards her gave away that he obviously knew what she was thinking. But how could she leave it behind? It practically sang to her. With steady fingers she reached out and slipped her hand beneath the necklace which had been led on a deep purple velvet pillow.  The pearls were cold against her tanned skin, a small respite from the beating heat of the sun.

“Hey, what are you-” It was the stall holder’s voice that cut through Lillian’s lost thoughts. “Are you gonna pay for that?” The woman’s brows had knotted so tightly together it was almost one continuous brow.

Lillian thought honesty was the best policy. “Does it look like I’m going to pay for it?” She flashed one quick smile before yanking the pearls away from their resting place. With movements that were so flexible and elegant it was almost like a dancer, Lillian spun into the mass of people. She knew Liam would not be far behind, she could almost see his face seething with anger in her mind already.

With the pearls clasped tightly in her grasp Lillian slipped through the browsers staring at the other market stalls. The old woman’s shouts of, ‘Thief!’ and ‘Stop her!’ were almost lost as she made it into a shadowed alleyway. Climbing onto a set of upright barrels she leapt onto the low roof of the neighbouring building and was lost to the eyes of the people below. Clambering onto the higher roofs of the building she finally stopped and fell to a sitting position. Catching her breath she pulled her hand before her and opened her fingers. The pearls shimmered in a rainbow of colours, their white polished surface reflecting her wide grin.

“Was it worth it?” Her brother’s voice came from behind, his tone far from happy.

Lillian did not even look to him. “Yes.”


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