Unexpected Inspiration

Photo by Vizzzual- Flickr

Photo by Vizzzual- Flickr

Unexpected Inspiration- Inspired by a butterfly and, ‘Window with Raindrops’ by Vizzzual

It was dull and grey that morning, though it was only to be expected seeing as it was November. The previous night’s rain had soaked the garden, heavy droplets still slapping onto the patio. Emily tried to ignore the wet outside and even the chill that was creeping inside her room.

But it was hard.

Staring out of the square window was about all Emily could muster. Her energy was drained and her mind felt like a lead weight, no thoughts daring to emerge. She was about to give up on finding her new spark of creativity when something unexpected happened.

Through the small crack in the window Emily had opened, fluttered in a butterfly. It was large but still danced through the air lighter than a feather. Its dark wings flapped daintily, displaying splashes of red on top and an iridescent shimmer of purple beneath.

The butterfly hovered in the air in front of Emily for a moment, seeming to assess its situation. Emily was in awe of the creature. How was it even still around in November? It spun in the air and slipped back through the gap it had come from. Emily watched it go, the one flash of colour in an otherwise drab, grey scene.

Suddenly, Emily felt a flurry of inspiration.


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