Cosy Night

Photo by Twisted Pixel- Flickr

Photo by Twisted Pixel- Flickr

Cosy Night- Inspired by the weather! And ‘3 Muses’ Photo by Twisted Pixel

She grabbed the golden item, grasping its cold metal between her hands.

“Paul, I’ve got it!” Kelly shouted across the cavern. Paul spun round, his smile wide with pride. He took a step forwards and Kelly’s heart sunk as she watched the ground beneath him start to crumble. “Paul!” Her fear echoed from the rocks. The idol slipped from her hands, forgotten in her dash to rescue her beloved. “No! Paul!” She sprinted across the moss carpeted ground towards him as he scrambled on the edge. With a final leap she reached out to him, his hands slipping from view.


Ding, ding!

Marcia looked up suddenly as the bus lurched to a halt. Slightly annoyed at having been torn from Paul and Kelly’s possible final moments together, she snatched up her purse to exit the public transport.

Winter was truly set in and Marcia knew it would be months before any of the first signs of Spring. She jogged over the road, her heels barely keeping her upright on the cobblestone surface. The stones were slick with rain which had thankfully stopped its continual barrage long enough for Marcia to get back to her house in the dry.

Marcia slipped the key into the lock and felt a weight lift from her shoulders when she shut her door behind her. In her own house she was alone and she could lock out the outside world for one evening at least. After shrugging off her coat and dropping her bag she threw herself onto her sofa and cracked open her book to finally find out if Kelly would lose not only her much coveted idol, but the love of her life as well.


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