Murdered by Death

Photo by thisreidwrites - Flickr

Photo by thisreidwrites – Flickr

Murdered by Death- Inspired by Photo, ‘Night Sky, Moon’  by thisreidwrites 

Eve looked up from her glass of champagne and met a pair of deeply dark eyes. As soon as her gaze met his she knew who he was.

He was Death.

She didn’t know how she knew this, it was more like a primal feeling. In the end, wouldn’t everyone recognise Death? The bubbles of champagne tickled her throat as she took a sip. She did not look scared but inside her stomach had knotted tightly and her entire body tensed. Her fingers curled around the stem of her glass so tightly that eventually the delicate glass broke.

“Oh my word!” A voice called but it was a distant sound as once again Eve’s gaze locked with Death’s. “Eve, are you alright?” She was barely listening to the concerned questions being asked.

“I, uh, I’m fine.” Eve brushed off the worry and pulled her bloodied hand from the grasp of her mother.

“Always in a world of her own that girl.” Her father tutted in his usual disapproving yet caring manner. Eve did not care what they thought. Her gaze was still trapped and she walked towards Death as though he was luring her in. With her mind not fully her own, Eve pushed through the groups of people that had gathered to celebrate her birthday.

“Hello, Eve.” The voice was deep and smooth and it was like Eve hadn’t even heard the words but felt them. Death offered his hand to her. It was a very real hand. In fact, he seemed like any other person in the room. His jet black suit was tailored over his very obviously well toned physique and surprisingly his hair was sandy blonde, his skin full of colour and life. The only part of him that made him seem in-human were the black eyes with no whites that stared like never ending depths into her own.

Eventually Eve took his hand. His fingers instantly coiled around hers, no warmth in his skin. With ease of movement that reminded her of an eel through water, Death slid through the crowd and through the open balcony doors.

Night had fallen many hours before, the once bright sunlit day replaced by a clear inky black midnight sky. Stars twinkled above as though an explosion of fireworks made from crushed diamonds. The moon provided the only light as Death led her further from the house into the manicured gardens.

When they stopped it was in the middle of the summer garden. Most of the flowers had closed for the night but pink blooms of stock and white stars of jasmine remained open offering colour to the shadow. A heavy scent wafted through the still, warm air as Eve’s dress brushed over the velvety purple stalks of lavender that lined the path.

“Is it my time?” Eve asked finally breaking the silence that seemed to weigh down on the entire world at that moment. She was looking away from him out further into the grounds.

“No.” He replied simply.

“Then why are you here?”

“It is your birthday.” He said and Eve shivered as she felt his icy fingers pull back her hair from her shoulder. “I will give you a gift.” His words were whispered into her ear and Eve’s heart thumped loudly in her chest. It was no longer fear she felt, her breath shortening and her skin tingling with curiosity and excitement.

“A gift?” Eve asked keeping her eyes fixed ahead. She could feel his lips still close to her ear and she dared not move.


The word made Eve’s eyes widen. Death moved away, his fingers gliding over her collar bone as he drew back.

“Would I have to die?” Eve asked.


“But it is not my time?” Eve smiled in amusement. “So you would be murdering me?” He did not reply.

Eve finally steeled herself to look at Death. She met his gaze and it seemed to pull feelings from her she didn’t even know she had. Silence once again reigned over the summer garden, even the birds did not dare to make a sound.

“I accept.” It had not been what Eve had meant to say but she did not regret it. Death smiled at her answer. His footsteps made no sound over the gravel pathway as he walked to her. Eve gasped as he pulled her quickly and strongly to him, his arms wrapped around her waist. His lips found hers and Eve let her eyes drift closed. Death’s kiss was passionate, not what she had been expecting from the cold and unfeeling character she had read about in so many books.

Eve realised, for just a moment, in Death’s embrace she had never felt more alive.


2 thoughts on “Murdered by Death

  1. Aether says:

    I think this if my favorite of what you’ve written for your blog thus far. You had me really intrigued throughout as to where you were leading with this.

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