Photo by Twisted Pixel - Flickr

Photo by Twisted Pixel – Flickr

Underwater- Inspired by ‘Aquarium Floor’ Photo by Twisted Pixel

Katie watched the sunlight dance on the bottom of the pool; bright rays dispersed into a web of light that shimmered on the white tiles. With her head above the water she could hear many things: the sound of dogs barking, her sister shouting into her mobile phone, traffic roaring from the road behind their house. No wonder she was never able to just relax.

With a flick of her feet and a twist of her slim body, Katie pushed herself beneath the water. It was instant relief. There was nothing below the crystal water line, no sounds to attack her senses or pollution to clog her lungs. Beneath the water it was silent and still.

Katie closed her eyes, her cheeks puffed out to contain as much of her breath as she could manage. In the darkness she let the water caress her head, making her mousey brown hair float and fan out behind her. She could feel the water pressing against her, the silence it caused as her ears drums closed off. But it was a peaceful heaviness when the water pushed against her. A feeling of safety and coolness that took her away from the harsh, hot world of reality above.

Down here, in the true quiet, she could really let go. Her mind wandered to happy memories spent as a child learning to swim. Katie had always loved the water, even if she was not a strong swimmer. She much preferred just being held by the water, listening to the nothingness it provided.

As her lungs began to protest at the lack of oxygen, Katie finally surfaced. Opening her eyes she squinted against the harsh light that once again hit them. Instantly the noise returned: traffic, voices, barking.


“Are you going to stay in there all day?” Katie’s sister moaned as she rolled her eyes and headed into the house. “It’s like you prefer being alone!” Her tone implying that was the worst possible thing in the world.

Katie smiled to herself. She took a breath, closed her eyes and once again returned to the watery serenity.



One thought on “Underwater

  1. Tracey Jenkins says:

    Love the juxtaposition of the cool noiseless water against the hot noisy air. I wouldn’t mind being there instead of at work right now.

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