The Forgotten Place

Copyright: Twisted Pixel-Flickr

Copyright: Twisted Pixel-Flickr

The Forgotten Place- Inspired by ‘The Forgotten Meeting’ photo by Twisted Pixel

“It’s empty.” Kayleigh cupped her hands around her eyes and peered deeper through the glass window.

“What’s it doing in the middle of the woods?” Tyler asked as he walked around the circular building, its walls made of thick uneven grey stones and the roof of tightly tied timber.

“How would I know?” Kayleigh shot back, still looking inside the structure. It was gloomy inside but she could still pick out details. The rounded room had a fireplace in one wall though it was dark, the remnants of a very old fire rotting in the base. A table held centre place, made up of one thick slice of tree trunk as the top and logs placed precariously as legs beneath, looking as though they could only just bear the weight.

“Looks like it’s not been used in years.” Tyler shoved Kayleigh to the side so as he could take a look himself. After regaining her balance Kayleigh frowned at Tyler as he stared inside, his mouth open wide creating misted patches on the cold glass with his breath.

A chill breeze caught Kayleigh’s long auburn hair making it whip up around her face. In annoyance she pulled the curls back and as she did so noticed a quick flash of movement from the corner of her eye. When she looked through the dense trees there was nothing but stillness. She swallowed down the uneasiness in her stomach and turned to Tyler who was gone.

“Tyler?” Kayleigh called after her brother in a tone so exasperated she thought he probably wouldn’t answer just to be spiteful.

She was right.

Only silence greeted her. With heavy, annoyed footsteps Kayleigh traipsed around the circular building in search of the dark haired boy she sometimes was convinced wasn’t really her brother. Or at least wished he wasn’t.

“Tyler, come on.” Kayleigh called again. She circled the building to find no one. Her stomach lurched as once again a rushed shadow caught her attention from the trees beyond. “Tyler? This isn’t funny. I want to go home.” Her breathing had sped up now, the inevitable reaction of being alone in the middle of the forest with a brother who was playing pranks.

Another flash from one side of her and Kayleigh’s limbs had tensed so much she could barely move. Again she made a lap of the building ending up at the stone framed window they had peered through.

Kayleigh’s heart stopped. Her fingers moved to the glass of the window, its surface painfully cold against her skin. Where Tyler’s breath had misted the glass it was still fogged over. The remnants of his presence seeming stained in mist upon the window. Kayleigh glanced up slowly to look at her reflection.

She was not the only one being mirrored back.


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